Most Common Lowell Rat Predators and About Them

When the rats are in the urban setting, their major enemy would of course be the humans. However, since not a lot of us have the time to deal with them, they will be able to survive in the concealed areas of our house undisturbed. Rodents have a destructive nature and apart from that, they are also carrier of diseases. When in the wild, they will be attacked by the predators which control their population.

The Predators that Hunt the Rats

In this article, we will discuss the common Lowell predators that may help us reduce the population and the presence of the rats in our yard. Some of these creatures also have a destructive behavior that can worsen your situation.


While not a major predator, a Massachusetts raccoon will eat anything that will satiate their hunger including the rats. Raccoon will eat the rats in case there are limited foods available in their surroundings. However, you don't want to use a raccoon to deal with your rat infestation since they can cause greater problems. In case you plan to attract the attention of the raccoon to deter the damages that the rat can cause, the raccoon will first attack their primary food source which is your garden and your trashcan. In the event that they can't find any food that will satisfy them, that is the only time that they will choose to eat rats.


Just like the raccoons, the fox are considered omnivores. Usually, the Lowell fox will only eat the rats as a last resort. They will find no trouble in adding the vermin in their natural diet. According to the study, the fox can hunt a large number of rats wherein the leftovers will be saved in order to be eaten on a later period. Apart from the rats, the fox will also attack our trashcan and plants.


The snakes are the main predator of the Massachusetts rats and will happily devour them. However, for those who are planning to adopt a snake as their pet, understand that this can be expensive. The nourishment that they will require is unique. They will need at the very least, 2 meals weekly. After they reach their maturity, they can survive to at least one meal per week. Ask yourself if you want to release your snake in your property just to deal with the rats.


The Lowell owls will also attack the rats with enthusiasm but will they be enough to end your infestation? In case you are planning to use them as a deterrent to the mice, you will have to attract their attention first. You should also be aware that they will attack smaller animals such as chicks and ducklings.

Using predators to get rid of the Massachusetts rat infestation will not be as effective as hiring the service of the experts. In case you think that their urine or decoy can repel them, rats are clever creatures that will quickly adapt on this type of situation. Nothing beats the service of the experts.

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